BLVD RUH City allows Riyadh Season visitors to taste Belgian ice cream

المحتوى الصحفي


The Avalanche, one of the sections of BLVD RUH City, with its snow content and entertainment activities, is a magnet for visitors of the zone. The Magnum ice cream store, which is the first Magnum branch in Saudi Arabia, offers its customers a distinct global tasting experience and gives them the freedom to add a range of additional ingredients, according to their desires, to top the original vanilla base so that visitors can try the Belgian experience in Riyadh Season.

The store, which is designed in the style of winter country huts to suit the nature of the Avalanche section, is very popular due to its fame, while it takes only two minutes to prepare the order.

Avalanche includes several entertainment options and activities, including the snow dome, which gives visitors an entertaining experience with cold rituals. The Swiss restaurant Le Chalet gives visitors rural vibes that mimic the style of the harsh winter, allowing visitors to spend a long enjoyable time.

The BLVD RUH City zone is one of the most prominent destinations of Riyadh Season, which offers the largest entertainment events in the Kingdom. It includes several entertainment venues, shopping stores, game centers, cinemas, restaurants and cafes, in addition to indoor and outdoor sitting areas suitable for families and individuals, surrounded by theatrical performances and musical vibes that match the tastes of all visitors.