BLVD RUH City promotes emerging talents through creative workshops in several fields

المحتوى الصحفي


There are many entertainment destinations in BLVD RUH City, one of the zones of Riyadh Season, which offer their unique services to all segments of society. The zone hosts a store for the "IT" initiative, which highlights creativity and innovation and introduces the new generation to the skills and tools needed to develop their favorite hobbies through three daily workshops in the Avalanche section.

The initiative focuses on creating a link between children and adolescents on the one hand and experts on the other hand in various fields of creativity. This is achieved by designing programs and workshops in craft and artistic fields, such as drawing, design, music, culinary arts, science and technology, performing arts, literature, entrepreneurship, and others.

The workshops are presented in several stages, paving the way for participants to gradually acquire skills to obtain accreditation certificates in the fields they master.

The BLVD RUH City zone is the crown jewel of Riyadh Season and its most visited and documented zone on social media platforms. It contains many entertainment destinations, such as theaters and cinemas, fashion and cosmetics stores, entertainment games areas, as well as international and local restaurant areas for an entertainment experience beyond imagination.