The Groves Supports a Promising Saudi Talent in Plastic Arts

المحتوى الصحفي


The “Lift” exhibition for contemporary and modern arts in The Groves, one of the destinations of Riyadh Season that offers a luxurious experience for visitors, has been quite popular among visitors interested in plastic arts. The paintings of the artist Al-Hanouf Al- Laabun in the exhibition have drawn the attention of visitors, who have been keen to take pictures of the paintings with their cameras. The paintings have been distributed in the exhibition in a sequence that tells the story of a mother with her children.

Al-Hanouf created new artistic materials and followed the simple abstract painting pattern on the canvas. She also grafted the paintings with materials that suit their artistic subjects, such as carpet fabrics and reinforced sponges, following the

technique of decoupage and simple embroidery. She was able to distinguish these paintings by distributing colors that are consistent with a variety of fabric materials.

Each of Al-Hanouf's paintings expressed a social situation that is repeated in daily life within Saudi society, such as the afternoon time, the game of Fathi Ya Warda, and the clothesline. Most of these paintings are based on the theme of the mother in the Saudi family, who is the main engine for most of the beautiful family moments.

The sections of The Groves continue to receive visitors, taking advantage of the diversity of their events and the unique experiences they provide. The sections include luxury restaurants, beauty salons, international fashion boutiques, jewelry and accessories, specialized cafes, in addition to a theater for international performances.